How to Clean Makeup Brushes and Tools Practical

The following items will be used:
• Surgical Alcohol
• Tissues
• Brush Cleanser
• Pencil Sharpener
• Cotton Wool
• Shampoo
Now let’s start with the practical…
Step 1: Take your pencil sharpener and sharpen your eyeliner and lip pencils. This will remove any excess makeup or build-up from your pencils.
Step 2: Use a clean cotton wool and wipe your mascara, lipsticks and lip glosses. For better hygiene purposes, use a new and clean brush applicator after each use.
Step 3: Pour some surgical alcohol onto a clean cotton wool. Use it to sterilize your pencil sharpener, steel palette, tweezer and eyelash curler.
Step 4: If you don’t have brush cleanser, take shampoo and wash your brushes with it. If you do have brush cleanser, take a cotton wool and pour it onto it to clean your brushes thoroughly.
Step 5: Take shampoo and wash all your foundation sponges and puffs with this water and leave it to dry naturally. Remember that these sponges and puffs should be thrown out every 1-3 months.

Step 6: Pour some alcohol onto a tissue. Take the tissue and wipe the surface of your loose powder and eye shadow palettes.

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