Kinds of powder and Applying your powder

Kinds of powder
Generally there are two kinds of powder available in the market, namely pressed powder and loose powder. Given your complexion and skin ailments, you can choose either one of them.
Pressed powder is just as its name suggests – loose powder pressed well together and set in a portable and convenient container that can be easily and safely carried around in your handbag, vanity kit or even purse. Loose powder is on the other hand, powder that is not packed tightly and comes in a handy canister or a box with a screw lid.
An important thing to consider is the coverage required from the powder. It is generally felt that loose powder offers a better and more natural look because of its light-as-air quality. Plus, such loose powder goes well with foundation, since its light nature ensures this powder gels well with your chosen foundation and sets immediately. Pressed powder on the other hand, is slightly heavier and hence good for spot application, such as covering or dabbing on pimples and zits. For this reason pressed powder is generally preferred for carrying around and doing quick and easy touch-ups around the clock.
The last thing to remember is that if you are buying loose powder, then you also need to invest in a good quality, thick brush to ensure natural and full coverage. Should you be buying pressed powder, then you need to look for a good powder pad or sponge. Using a sponge to dab your pressed powder will give the best results if you are looking to cover your problem areas such as under eye dark circles.
Applying your powder

A best practice that most makeup experts swear by when it comes to powder in particular is ‘less is more’. Always keep this is mind while applying your powder over the foundation. To begin with, apply your matching foundation and concealer in a cool room and allow it a minute or two to settle down. Next, carefully open your pressed powder or your loose powder container and dip your brush or sponge in it. Always remember to gently tap your brush or sponge against the container to dust off all that extra powder clinging to the brush or pad. Some women prefer to wet their sponge in a bit of water and then dab it in powder before applying it on their face for better coverage.
If you are using a powder brush, then the next step is to hold your brush very softly and press it over your whole face and neck, making sure that you cover your whole face. Here you can start from your cheek bones and go up till your hairline. You can also apply it on your neck area to ensure that in natural light, different shades of skin are not visible. Should you be using a powder pad or sponge, then you must lightly dab and press in onto your face. Begin by applying it along the cheek bones and the jaw line. This helps refine and sharpen your facial features.
Lastly, always use little powder at a time, or else you would end up with an unnatural look. Once you’ve applied your powder remember to wash and dry your brush and sponge well before the next use.

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