Applying eye makeup

First things, first! Always tweeze and shape your eyebrows before starting your eye makeup. Then wash your face well, especially around the eyes and pat dry. Never scrub the area under and around your eyes too harshly, as it is bound to backfire and in worst cases lead to skin breakage. Next, apply your foundation and blend it well from your hairline to your jaw line, including around your eyes and over your eye area. Now, delicately dab some matching concealer in your under eye and surrounding area. Next, dust some tinted or translucent finishing powder on your face and let it set for a moment. I always recommend applying primer, concealer, foundation and powder and then work my way downwards towards the rest of my face.
Experts generally believe that layered eye makeup gives the best results as it blends really well. To achieve such a flattering look, you need to apply three shades of complimentary eye shadow colors. This is where an eye shadow palette comes to your rescue as it offers you the best similar shades along with a convenient brush designed to apply them. Start by choosing a light base color eye shadow (such as white, cream, beige or champagne, etc.) that is almost similar to your eyelid color. Apply it on one eye and then the next.

Once the base is applied, you can apply different shades of eye shadow depending on your requirement. For example, if you have small eyes and you want to make them look bigger, then you can apply a medium color eye shadow such as light brown or lavender, etc. in the crease of your eye and take the eye shadow upwards at the end of the eyes. Dark shades of color generally look the best when applied in the outer corners of your eyes as it gives your eyes a smoky, smoldering look. Apply a highlighting color like champagne just underneath your eyebrow.
Since eye makeup is all about blending the shades well, you need to put minimum pressure and keep your strokes short and delicate. Here, it also helps if you keep a wet wipe or cotton swab ready should something spill out or not blend well. Once blended, you can always dust some setting powder on your eyes as well, to hold it and help it set better.

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