How to Apply Eye Shadow and Eyeliner (Exercise Ch 16)

The following items from our Makeup Kit will be used:
• 15 Color Eye Shadow Palette –Neutral
• 221 All Over Eye Blender Brush
• 202 Large Shader Brush
• 204 Crease Brush
• 207 Angle Eyeliner Brush
• 229 Detailing Brush
Step 1: Take a highlighting color like white, champagne, gold or beige. Apply this color with your 221 All Over Eye Blender Brush, starting just underneath your client’s eyebrows till her eyelids.
Step 2: Take your 204 Crease Brush and apply a medium eye shadow in the crease of her eyes.
Step 3: Take your 202 Large Shader Brush and blend in the color.
Step 4: Take your 204 Crease brush and dip it into the darker eye shadow. Apply this color on the outside corners of her eyes, in the crease. Create a “v” shaped curve.
Step 5: Take your 202 Large Shader Brush and blend this color so that it blends in with the rest of the eye makeup.
Step 6: Take your highlighting color again and apply a small amount on the inside corners of your client’s eyes, using the 229 Detailing Brush.

Step 7: Take a brown, black or grey eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner. Start by lining your eyes with the eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner that you have chosen. Always do the top first, working from the outside to the inside corner of your client’s eyes. Make sure that you draw the line almost into her eyelashes; otherwise there will be a gap between the eyelashes and the eyeliner line. Do the same underneath her eyes. If you’re using eye shadow color instead, then apply the color with your 207 Angled Eyeliner Brush.
Step 8: Finally, take a white eye liner pencil or highlighter and put this on the inside of your eye to give your eyes a refreshed look.

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