How to Apply Blush (Exercise Ch 18)

The following items from our Makeup Kit will be used:
• 127 Blush Brush
• 10 Color Blush Palette- either Bright or Neutral
If your client has no visible cheekbones, then the following method must be used.
Step 1: Take your index finger and determine where your client’s cheekbones are.To find this spot, simply place the tip of your index finger on the tragus part of your ear. If you don’t know what part that is, then you can do two things. First, you can try making a fish face and suck your cheeks in, or second you can make a 45° angle between your lips and your ear. When you keep your finger inclined at such an angle you can feel your cheek bones above your fingers. This then is the area that needs to be contoured or shaded.
Step 2: Take your 127 Blush Brush and apply a dark shade of powder/bronzer/blush just underneath her natural cheekbones.

Step 3: Wipe your brush with a clean tissue
Step 4: Finally, take the same brush and dip it into a light cream, beige or white eye shadow color. Apply this color just above her natural cheekbones.
By doing this, you will create the illusion that she has nice accentuated cheekbones.
Now I will demonstrate how to apply blush for normal everyday makeup.
Step 1: Take your blush brush and dip it either into the bright or neutral color blush palette. Shake off any excess blush onto your hand or dab it slightly on the rim of the blush box.
Step 2: Ask your model or client to smile and apply the blush upwards in a straight line, beginning opposite to her nose and taking it upwards till the outside corner of her eyes.
Step 3: Take the same brush and make circular movements over that line that you have drawn. This will ensure that there are no visible streaks on your cheeks.
Step 4: Finally, if too much blush color has been used, then you can take your foundation sponge and lightly swipe it over the applied blush color. If the previous method is not for you, then you could dab your powder brush into translucent powder and lightly go over that area.

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