Your 5 Minute Makeup Routine (Ecercise)

It is not always advisable to opt for the same look in both summer and winter months. For your summer 5 minute makeup look, always keep the colors light and avoid heavy cosmetics like foundation. The smoky eye look is not a great idea for summer when the dark shades can run or smudge easily. In fact, in summer months you can do away with the eyeliner and opt for a shimmer shadow instead. Touch up your T-zone with a light powder to stave off the greasy look that may appear after a few hours outside.
In winter, always start with a SPF moisturizer to keep the skin looking hydrated throughout the day. Using foundation is also a great option for winter when makeup does not tend to look heavy. The risk of clumping and smudging is also lower in cooler months so dark eyeliner and shadow can be used in combination to highlight and define your eyes with great effect. Go with a slightly darker, richer makeup palette for your winter months when you can carry these colors off with elegance.
The following items from our Makeup Kit will be used:
• Moisturizer which contains a SPF factor
• Liquid Foundation or Foundation Quads
• Concealer Palette or Corrector Concealer Quad
• 130 Concealer Brush
• Spoolie Brush
• 15 Eye Shadow ColorPalette in Neutral
• 221 All Over Eye Blender Brush
• Eyeliner Pencils/Gel eyeliner
• Eyelash Curler
• Mascara- any color
• 127 Blush Brush
• Pale Pink/Peach Blush or XL Face and Body Bronzer
• Color Lip Gloss
Step 1: Squeeze a generous amount of Moisturizer onto the palm of your hands, rub your hands together and lightly “push” it onto your client’s skin.
Step 2: Analyze the skin and if there is the need to cover any dark circles or blemishes, then you must do this with the appropriate color of concealer.
Step 3: Apply foundation with a wet sponge.
Step 4: Comb your eyebrows with your Spoolie brush.
Step 5: Using your 221 All Over Eye Blender Brush, choose a light/shimmery eye shadow color and apply it onto the eyelids. This will give her eyes the proper color that it needs for the daytime look. Always apply a white eye shadow color on the innermost corner of her eyes to give them that bright and refreshed look.
Step 6: Moving onto your eyeliner, take any color pencil or gel eyeliner and line the eyes, beginning from the inside corner of the eyes and slightly thickening the line as you move to the outermost corner. Make sure that this line is drawn almost into the eyelashes to prevent any gaps from showing. Kohl pencils are also a good option.
Step 7: Take your eyelash curler and curl your client’s eyelashes if you have an extra minute at hand.
Step 8: Remove your mascara from the tube and apply 2-3 coats in zigzag movements. This will make the eyelashes appear fuller and prevent them from clogging.

Step 9: Take your favourite color blush or bronzer and wipe a small amount over the cheekbones, around the hairline and on the chin by using your 127 Blush Brush.
Step 10: Finally, take your lip gloss and apply it all over the lips. For this look it is best to choose shades that are light such as nudes or rosy tints.

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