Why is makeup different with glasses?

The reason why wearing makeup along with your glasses is different is because your glasses tend to bring the focus onto your eyes rather than your entire face. Also, your eyes look different under your glasses. The reason for this is because the light bends inside your lenses. You might have noticed that if you are near-sighted then the concave lens that you wear make your eyes and the surrounding region look a bit smaller through your glasses. If you are far-sighted then the convex lens that you use makes your eyes seem a bit larger than they actually are.
Therefore, the type of glasses influences the way you should wear makeup. Another area of concern is your dark circles. Your glasses cast shadows around your eyes rendering your dark circles more prominent. Finally, it comes to those obnoxious little nose braces. They tend to instantly smudge the makeup on your nose.

Makeup for thick and thin frames Glasses tend to give more focus to your eyes. So, it is not a very good idea to use a lot of makeup. The trick here is to keep it simple and natural and to provide good definition to your eyes. The amount of makeup you can wear with glasses gradually increases with the thickness of your frames. A thicker frame allows you to wear a bit more makeup compared to glasses with thinner or no frames.

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