Makeup for thick lenses

Top stylists are unanimous in their advice that women who wear glasses with thick lenses should steer clear of too much eyeliner and dark eye shadow. Both of these can make your eyes look like peepholes, and that’s certainly not attractive! To the rescue are light colors that have a bit of shimmer. Soft and glowing colors bring out your eyes and are also easy to blend. What you cannot ignore is a good eyelash curler and a lot of mascara.
If you have near-sightedness that requires you to wear thick lenses, then the lenses will make your eyes appear to recede behind the frame. You may use an eyeliner pencil to draw a “wing” past your lash line if you are opting for the “cat” eye effect. Choose an eye shadow in a medium shade to make your eyes look bigger and apply a light, shimmery one in the inside corner of your eyes. Strong colors such as charcoal, dove-blue, plum etc. and remember that the emphasis should fall on the crease of your eye and also the outer corners of your eyes. This will open up your eyes, making them look bigger. Also apply black mascara generously on your top lashes. This creates a sort of a contrast and makes your eyes look more prominent and fresh.

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