Makeup for thin lenses

If you have far-sightedness then your eyes tend to look larger than they actually are when you wear your glasses. In this case the lighter the makeup the better. You may want to opt for matte, neutral or darker eye shadows on your eyelids. Use the slightly darker eye shadow color in the crease of your eye but do avoid any shimmery or bright eye shadow colors. They will amplify your eyes even more. Take care to blend everything in; you would not want to go out with any mistakes as your glasses magnify them. It is also good to use a white liner on the inner rim of your bottom lashes to brighten up your eyes. If dark circles worry you, then a salmon tinted base can easily conceal them. Also, a little bit of the shimmery powder near the tear ducts might just add that extra bit of life into your eyes.
If you have glasses with black, colored or multi colored frames then use muffled down or earth-toned colors that match your tone. If you have thin framed or frameless glasses then you can probably get away with bolder shades but this doesn’t mean more makeup. It would also help you if your glasses have the famed anti-glare coating. A pair of these glasses imparts better and gives a more accurate manifestation of your eyes. Also, bear it in mind that you should certainly apply eyeliner when wearing glasses with thin lenses.

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