How to apply makeup for the rest of your face, when wearing glasses

Glasses have a natural tendency to bring focus to your eyes, making it crucial to highlight all the features of your face so that your face does not hide behind your frames. The best way to achieve that is to apply lesser makeup but use brighter shades instead. Taking good care of your skin is extremely important for anybody regardless of whether you wear glasses or not. If you do wear glasses then the importance of skincare is paramount. Use any suitable gel to avoid puffy eyes as they get magnified under your glasses. It is good to begin with a light-reflecting under eye serum, also use an under eye cream to avoid your wrinkles or dry skin from getting amplified under your glasses.
When wearing glasses, your brows also attract a lot of attention. If you shape and groom them well they can contribute greatly to define the structure of your face. If you have thicker frames, take care that your brows do not hide under them. Also if you have thick brows, pluck them generously till you are able to tell them apart from your frames. Remember to use a brow pencil that clearly matches your hair color to define your brows. Finally, set them with an appropriate brow gel.
You can dauntlessly add bold colors to your face. A peach blush can superbly compliment your pretty eyes. Also a peach blush suits most skin tones. This will get your cheekbones into the spotlight. You are free to choose as bright a shade of lipstick as possible. If you have a dark frame then a dark shaded lipstick would perfectly compliment it. However, if you have glasses with thinner frames or no frames, then a lighter color or just a gloss would be enough to balance the glasses. Also, using a mineral foundation can prevent the nose braces from ruining your looks.

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