A few important points to keep in mind

Always keep your glasses at hand and monitor your progress as you work on your makeup. See to it that your vanity table provides ample lighting. If you have long eyelashes, they might come in contact with your glasses and smear all the mascara on it. So, it is better to curl them a bit.
Finally, makeup that looks great on a bright and sunny day might look overdone on a gloomy or a rainy day. To avoid this you must make sure to check your makeup in different light settings once you are done. Make sure that it looks good in all the settings. If you feel something is off, then either try to even it out or do it again.
Studies suggest that one in every three women wear glasses. Most of them have a misconception that glasses make them look plain and unattractive. The rest of them however shy away from any makeup as they believe it will do no good. But with the help of these simple yet elegant makeup techniques, you can sculpt your face, bring out the beauty in your eyes and shine the limelight on your real self, who until now was hidden under a façade of your glasses.
With proper care and the right makeup, your prescription glasses can now be an ornament of self-expression and define your personality.

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