Corrective Contouring on Different Nose Shapes

When you think of hiding or camouflaging your facial flaws, you often don’t consider your nose at all. The nose is perhaps the most neglected part of the face and people don’t realize that they are able to change its appearance. Most leading makeup experts say that your nose and its shape can do a lot to make your face appealing.
There is no such thing as the perfect nose shape. What makes a nose look perfect is that it is well proportioned to the overall face. Most women don’t have such good luck as a deviated nasal septum, childhood injury or simply genetics have left them with noses that are either too big, too long, crooked or too small for their face. For such women, corrective contouring helps the most as it creates the illusion of a well-defined and contoured nose. It is quick and easy to do, so there is no need to go spend big money on surgical procedures.
Generally speaking, physiologists who study the body believe there are 13 to 14 different nose shapes. For the sake of simplicity and corrective contouring, makeup experts have narrowed them down to 7 common nose shapes:
Large, prominent nose: Such a nose simply stands out on the face and becomes its defining feature.
Wide nose: This nose normally has a very wide bridge.
Snub nose (tip-tilted): This kind of a nose is short and flat, sloping upwards at the tip.
Thin short nose: While this kind of a nose looks similar to a snub nose, the nostrils are more defined and stand out.

Long nose: Such noses tend to appear long and pinched, especially when viewed from the side.
Hawk nose: This nose is normally long with a very prominent bridge and down turned angle tip.

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