Thin short and long nose

To give a better shape to a thin but short nose, a highlighter can be applied in a straight line down the bridge of the nose. However, in this case, since the nose is thin and needs to look slightly broader, you need to blend this highlighter on the sides of the nose with the face foundation you are using. Here it is advisable to use a slightly darker shade of foundation to give the corrective illusion of a well-defined nose.
Step 1: Take your 202 Large Shader Brush and apply a highlighting color in a straight line down the bridge of your client’s nose. Apply this color also at the sides of her nose to create the illusion that the nose is longer and broader.
Long nose
Usually women, who have long noses, generally want to make them appear shorter and slightly wider so that their nose looks proportionate. To achieve this kind of nose contouring, you will need both a darker powder and a highlighter. Begin by applying the highlighter down the centre of your nose in a line, but stop just before the tip of the nose. The nose tip then needs to be shaded. Once done, you need to examine your nose in real light to ensure the two have blended well and don’t stand out on your face.
Step 1: Take your 202 Large Shader Brush and apply a darker shade of powder on the tip of your client’s nose just to make it look shorter.
Step 2: Wipe the brush with a clean tissue.
Step 3: Finally, take the same brush and apply a highlighting color down the centre of her nose, stopping just before the tip.

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