Weak Jaw Line

If you suffer from the presence of jowls then using a light powder/eye shadow usually works well to accentuate your jaw line. The best way to cover the entire jaw line is to use a soft angled brush and dust it lightly on the entire line of the jaw. Once done, ensure that your blush has settled and blended seamlessly with the foundation underneath it.
Corrective Contouring on a Weak Jaw Line
The aim here is to create a jaw line which otherwise cannot be seen.
Step 1: Take your 127 Blush Brush and dip it into a lighter shade of powder/bronzer/foundation. Apply this color over your client’s entire jaw line.
Step 2: Wipe the brush with a clean tissue.
Step 3: Then take the same brush and apply a darker shade of powder/bronzer/foundation just underneath her jaw line.

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