Shading a double chin

A double chin is perhaps the most common cause of concern for plus sized women. The best way to camouflage this is to dust a dark shaded blush along the entire jaw line. Make sure you brush some of this blush underneath the entire chin area as well. Blend this blush with the foundation and makeup you are already wearing and you are good to go. Since you obviously want to hide or shift focus from this area, never use a highlighter on this part of your chin and jaw.
Corrective contouring although simple, is tricky, more so during the day as direct light on the face can easily betray your secret. To ensure your attempt at corrective contouring goes undetected, here are a few tried and tested tricks and tips that promise you the best possible contouring for the jaw line.
• Get rid of your side fuzz – To begin with; remove your side burns or your facial fuzz. You can do this at home or in a parlor since easy to use creams and waxing strips are now available especially for this purpose. This exercise helps in two ways; it works to highlight both your cheekbones and your jaw line. Removing your facial hair will lend your cheeks a kind of a hollow look, exposing the lovely L shape of your side face and pushing out your jaw line. After doing this you will be sure to easily identify your jaw line and contour it accordingly.
• Blend, don’t mix – While anyone can apply basic makeup, not everyone can blend it well. It is this, the process of seamlessly blending different shades of foundation, blushes and highlighters, which is responsible for the success of any corrective contouring attempt. You need to practice shadow play and shading your jaw line as often as you can, because an unblended jaw line stands out like a sore thumb, garnering you unwarranted attention and comments.
• Don’t ignore the neckline – When we talk about shading the jaw line, it doesn’t simply mean the line along its jaw. Corrective contouring focuses on providing a well camouflaged, seamless look so no matter what color highlighter/foundation/blush is used, always make sure that it is blended in. When doing contouring around the jaw line, it should not stop there- the color should also be applied in the under ear area, under the chin and blended into the neck line. If this is not done then your face would end up with an unflattering line showing everyone that you tried your hand at corrective makeup.
• Keep that hair away – Always tie your hair before you start the process of corrective contouring on your jaw. Your hair may impede on your vision of the actual length and shape of your jaw line. Even if you have completed your face makeup, always tie your hair or push it back from your neck area, to get the best view of your jaw line. This also ensures you have unrestricted access to your whole jaw line and that your hand can glide smoothly across it.

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