How to Apply Eye Shadow on Blue Eyes

Much like brown eyes, blue ones also blend well with several shades and this makes it easy for you to experiment with different looks and styles. In fact, brown shades go well with blue eyes and vice versa too. One thing to remember is that different blue eyed women may have irises in varying shades of blue. The eye shadow chosen and also the overall eye makeup should be selected, keeping the specific shade of your eyes in mind. For example, what looks great for a woman with gray-blue eyes may be slightly heavy for someone with baby blue eyes.
A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that blue eye shadow does not help accentuate your irises. However, there are exceptions to this rule especially when you are using a different shade of blue to complement your eyes or combine the blue with a flattering shimmer color or metallic shade.
Suitable eye shadow colors for blue eyes
Some eye shadow shades play up your blue irises while others draw attention to them in a more subtle way. You should determine the eye shadow palette by keeping in mind the look you want to achieve. Consider your skin tone and hair color as well when picking out the right eye shadow.
Some unusual shades of eye shadow are very flattering for blue eyed women. These include orange based shades that really make your eyes pop. Avoid bright/neon shades if you want to stay away from a bad look. A number of metallic shades work well with blue eyes such as copper, brown, rust, gold, peach, chocolate, bronze and rust. Shades of purple and plum together with grey or light lavender work really well for evening makeup.
If you want a ‘cool’ look to match your evening gown, then choose pale pinks or pale blues (not the same shade as the irises). To highlight the color of irises and make them seem darker, pick up deep midnight, purple or violet eye shadow.
Greyish- blue irises are best highlighted with a brown eye shadow palette. The medium brown goes at the crease of the eye while a lighter shade is applied over the lid. You can use brown eyeliner or even a black one over your lower lid to define your eyes. Brown is a natural tone that enhances the blue of your eyes without creating an overly made-up look. This is an excellent shade for both morning and evening makeup. Grey-blue eyes also look stunning when you add a line with a matching grey blue eye liner.
Greenish-blue eyes are best brought out by grey, purple or violet eye shadow fading into taupe towards the crease of the eye. For a stunning smoky eye look, deep blue and grey is the perfect choice.
A black eye liner adds some spice to any of these shades and gives your greenish blue eyes a highlighted effect. But it could easily turn overly dark, so take care. Turquoise and teal shades that look overly bright on other blue eyes shades work very well with greenish-blue eyed beauties. These bring out the green shade in the irises and make for a stunning look.
A great evening look is a gold shimmer shadow or a silver shadow mixed with dark grey or black. For a natural or nude look, taupe and champagne are a good choice for blue eyes of any shade. Tan or brown is also a good natural shade.

Aqua/turquoise eyes are best accentuated by brown shades. While black is avoidable, dark brown is a good choice for aqua eyes. This eye shade is one of the few that looks good with both silver and gold shimmer/tone.

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