Match your eye shadow to your hair color

In general, blue eyed women with red hair look best with brown shades for subtle makeup and dramatic colors like green for a more stunning appearance. Adding a golden glow makes your brown hair light up while giving your eyes the highlight they deserve. Women with baby blue eyes and blonde hair can play with violets and lavenders. Cocoa is also a great choice when you need a more serious look. Gold is a great option for evening time.
Brunettes may try these out as well, but a touch of silver looks really great with dark hair. Opt for silvery blues on the inner corner of the eye and a darker navy blue shade from the lash line to crease. Use a deep blue eye liner for the best effect. A subtle look for brown haired women is achieved with rose gold/peach shadow as the base, chocolate or rich browns in the outer corners and dark brown eye liner. Keep the peach/rose shades light to avoid making your eyes look tired. Black haired women should avoid blue shadows as they look best with shades of brown and coffee.

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