Unsuitable eye shadow colors for blue eyes

In general, using the exact same shade of eye shadow as your irises is best avoided as this makes your eyes look lifeless and dull. If you are looking for daytime makeup tips, black eye shadow is not a good choice for blue eyes. It adds too much contrast to your eyes. However in the evening, black shadows can give your eyes the definition they need. If pure black is still too stark for you, add a bright blue shade with the eye shadow and apply a line along the upper lid. With this, you can achieve a classic smoky effect that makes for perfect evening makeup.
If your irises are a darker shade, avoid deep shades and opt for tawny ones instead. Black eyeliner and mascara are best avoided and so are dark grey eye shadows. Reddish or deep pink eye shadows can make some women look tired. These should be avoided especially by women with darker hair. Gold is not particularly stunning during daytime although it is a good option for evening makeup.

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