How to Apply Eye Shadow on Grey Eyes

Women gifted with striking features such as grey eyes only have to highlight them to draw attention. This is because colored eyes are in themselves such a strong, defining feature in any given face, that they tend to overshadow any other makeup. Should you or your client also be gifted with grey eyes, the quickest and easiest way to look good would be to highlight them.
Choosing a complimentary eye shadow
Since grey is often considered a neutral color, almost all color palettes go well with it. However, when it comes to doing eye makeup for grey eyes, there are certain shades that flatter them more than the rest. Makeup experts generally swear by the grey on grey look for such kind of eyes and advise that the best way to give your grey eyes the attention is to use eye shadows in shades of deep brown, black and deep grey.
The inherent darkness of such dark shades works to draw out the white portion in grey eyes, making the eyes appear big and bright. Metallic colors like coppers and bronzes too look lovely on a pair of grey eyes, and so do contrasting colors such as ivory, white and purple. While attempting to do up your grey eyes, ensure that the chosen color palette also compliments both your skin tone and hair color. This is because irrespective of which facial feature you are highlighting, ultimately the makeup you use should come together and go well with your personality and clothing style.

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