The smoky eye look

A smoky eye look is very easy to achieve and looks particularly flattering on grey eyes. The biggest misconception about such a classic look is that it generally involves using dark and darker shades of a certain color. However, this is only partly true because the key to achieving a great and flattering smoky eyed look lies in seamless and thoughtful layering of complimentary shades of eye shadow, light or dark. Although we’ve covered the Smoky Eye Look in detail earlier, here is a quick routine when doing it on grey eyes.
Makeup experts essentially point out that you need a minimum of three eye shadow colors to create the perfect smoky eye look. These three eye shadow shades can be classified as a highlighter, a medium tone shade and lastly a contouring eye shadow shade. Generally speaking, the highlight color acts as a base and therefore is generally of flesh color, with perhaps a dash of shimmer. The medium tone color, on the other hand, should be a shade or two darker than the skin or highlighter shade and preferably of matte texture.
Start by applying the highlight color to the eyebrow bone till the duct of the eye. Next, you need to apply the medium tone color all the way from your lash line to the crease line of your eye and fuse it seamlessly with the highlighter already applied in the area. Let this application rest for a while. Begin by applying the contour color from the lash line, blending it in short strokes upwards towards the creases of your eyes so that it looks like the same shade of color is shifting from lighter to darker across your eye. Here, you should ideally use your index finger to gently smudge this contour color along your lower eyelashes as well.
To finish a smoky eye look, apply a dark colored black or brown eyeliner and mascara to present the illusion of well-spaced, long and combed lashes. Such a classic smoky eye effect works the best for women who have small, deep-set eyes and grey eyes, as it tends to define their eyes even further. However, there are a few pointers you must keep in mind when trying out the smoky eye look.

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