How to Apply Eye Shadow on Grey Eyes (Exersice)

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when applying eye shadow on grey eyes:
• You can use eye shadow colors that are in a darker variant than your eye color.
• You can use complimentary colors such as deep brown and purple for a dramatic night time look.
• You can use the same eye shadow colors as those for people with blue eyes, but can wear pebble, pearl and bronze as well.
• Dark brown or black eyeliners give the eyes more definition.
• Use black mascara as this will bring out the color of your eyes the best.
The following items from our Makeup Kit will be used:
• 212 Spoolie Brush
• 221 All Over Eye Blender Brush
• 204 Crease Brush
• 219 Precision Crease Brush
• 229 Detailing Brush
• 207 Angle Eye Liner Brush
• 15 Color Eye Shadow Palette- Neutral, Smoky and Theatrical
• Eyeliner pencils
• Gel Eye Liners
• Eyelash curler
• Black mascara
Step 1: Take your 212 Spoolie Brush and comb your client’s eyebrows in an upwards movement, taking it downwards at the sides.
Step 2: Take your 207 Angle Eyeliner Brush and dip it into a light brown eye shadow color and apply it from the beginning of your client’s eyebrows and take it all the way to the end of the eyebrows.
Step 3: Take your 221 All Over Eye Blender Brush and apply a white, beige or champagne eye shadow color all over the eye area. Apply it from underneath your client’s eyebrows and take it downwards almost into her lash line.
Step 4: Take your 204/219 Crease brush and apply a bronze eye shadow in the crease of your client’s eyes. Apply it from the inside corner of her eyes and take it all the way till the end.
Step 5: Wipe your brush with a clean tissue.
Step 6: Take the same brush and apply a dark brown eye shadow at the outer corners of the eye’s crease and only until the middle of the crease. Make a “v” shape while taking this color into the lash line so that it is in line with the darker color of the crease.
Step 7: Take the 204 Crease Brush and do blending so that the 2 colors blend well together.
Step 8: Use your black eyeliner to line the eyes at the top and bottom. Make sure that the edge of the pencil is not too sharp. A good tip is to sharpen the pencil and to push the point/edge, slightly angled, onto your hand so that it is just right for lining the eyes. Use an ear bud to rectify the eyeliner.
Optional: – Wipe your 229 Detailing Brush with a clean tissue.
Optional: – Take this brush and apply black eye shadow over the eyeliner line that you have drawn.
Step 9: Take the eyelash curler and place it underneath your client’s eyelashes while her eyes are open. Gently squeeze the eyelashes for 10 – 20 seconds to give them a curl.
Step 10: Finally, take black mascara and gently wipe it down the inside of the tube. Ask your client to close her eyes and apply the mascara wand exactly where the eyelashes start. Comb the wand upwards and outwards, making zigzag movements. This will prevent the mascara from forming clumps and will also give her eyelashes that desired volume.

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